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Liv news!

Liv news! Lots of exciting things happening at the moment.. look out for me in this month's House Beautiful and I've booked my first design shows! I was asked to exhibit at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham and local ones in Wisley and Crowthorne, all in October and November. It's a big step up for me, I'm so excited that things are coming together and my work is starting to get out there. I remember visiting Grand Designs Live back when I was 15 and imagining myself being a part of it, and now it's actually happening! It's a difficult road but if you keep working hard you can get to where you want to go! Please come along to see me if you can! 🤗🌼

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes... What I love about my job is being able to do every part of the process, having to be a designer, maker, photographer, do my graphics, editing, website and words, (and less fun accounts and marketing.) It means growing takes time and I have to build up to the more exciting creations in my head, and it's hard when I doubt I'm good enough, but when I look at what I have done so far on my own I can be quite proud and excited about what the future could hold. Being a photographer is fun, on the lookout for beauty and getting into weird positions to get a good shot. This time my mum was here to help and captured me thinking in a field like I like to do.

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Flow-ing in a yellow field

I couldn't resist taking my lamp to one of the beautiful rapeseed fields near my workshop... yellow's my colour and nature inspiration is my thing! Countryside✅ Furniture✅ Yellow✅ Nature✅ Creativity✅ 😊 💛🌼🌳

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