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Liv news!

Liv news! Lots of exciting things happening at the moment.. look out for me in this month's House Beautiful and I've booked my first design shows! I was asked to exhibit at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham and local ones in Wisley and Crowthorne, all in October and November. It's a big step up for me, I'm so excited that things are coming together and my work is starting to get out there. I remember visiting Grand Designs Live back when I was 15 and imagining myself being a part of it, and now it's actually happening! It's a difficult road but if you keep working hard you can get to where you want to go! Please come along to see me if you can! 🤗🌼

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Tool chest passed down from my great grandfather

My great grandfather's cabinet making tool chest is beautiful, full of history and has just been passed down to me to keep the family wood fingers going. Can't wait to use the tools that he did so long ago, love this tiny plane! 🛠 

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Edge Table is perfect as a TV stand

Edge Table is a handy piece of multi-use furniture and is perfect as a coffee table, TV stand, storage and more. Available in a range of sizes including custom options.

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